Fast Twitch -- Week 5 (Monday, April 9)

Monday p.m. long course

600 warmup

8x50 fly
Odd: kick on back on 1:15
Even: drill on 1:00

300 flutter kick on back with Zoomers: 200 relaxed, 100 moderate

3x200 :40 rest
25 fly/25 free

10x50 back on 1:00
1-4: slightly slower than 200 pace (averaged :39)
5: easy
6-9: at least two seconds faster than first round (:36, :37, :36, :36)
10: easy

200 easy
I felt like dead weight today. It was like dragging a sack of wet potatoes behind me.

I will never do the 3x200s again. If I ever needed proof that I shouldn't be racing butterfly outside of an IM race, that set was it. But I'm still doing the 100 fly at nationals. I already signed up. Too late to turn back now. All I can hope for is that they don't allow us to swim the sixth event, which is the 100 fly for me.

And I found out what meet Ryk Neethling was preparing for last week. South Africa is having its nationals this week, and I guess he came back to Tucson for a day or two before heading back to the southern hemisphere.
There's a lot more to this, but I'll guide you to my thoughts on the US Masters Web site instead of leaving them here.

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