Fast Twitch -- Week 4 (Wednesday, April 4)

Wednesday p.m. long course meters

600 warmup

6x100 free on 1:45
1-4 descend, 5-6 hold at 1:10

6x15 breakout on 1:00

100 free fast, 100 easy (:59)
75 breast fast, 75 easy (:55)
50 back fast, 50 easy (:31)
25 fly fast, 25 easy (:14)

400 easy

I got out and put on a Speedo brief. About seven minutes later:

50 breast fast from a dive
The main set felt better than it did last time, probably because it wasn't all breaststroke. I had trouble keeping my stroke together on the last 15 meters of the 100 free, but the rest of the swims were strong.

As for the 50 breast from a dive, I was real excited about the time, but more excited about the way it was swum. The goal was to have a strong dive and powerful first five strokes, and I felt I did that. I'm no Oleg Lisogor, but I know that a good 50 breast comes from the first five strokes. After that, the most important part is the finish.

I went a 30.0 last summer, but I will admit that I took 30 minutes rest before that. So this one was a very good swim.

Sprinters need to do a good deal of swims from the blocks, or at the very least, work on starts. For races of 100 yards/meters or less, the start is very important. It's important for the 200, too, but it can be argued that there is more time to make up for a bad start.

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