Fast Twitch -- Week 4 (Tuesday, April 3)

Tuesday a.m. with Ford Masters, long course meters

500 warmup

Two rounds:
3x100 on 1:50
200 IM on 3:30
100s were 50 fly/50 back, 50 back/50 breast, 50 breast/50 free
I didn't feel like descending the IMs as instructed, but I did 2:53 on the first one, 2:49 on the second. Not real fast, but I actively made a stronger effort on the second one.

200 kick on 4:15
4x100 kick on 2:00
100 kick on 2:15
4x50 kick on 1:00
The 4x100 and 4x50 were supposed to be fast. Even if I wasn't doing some fast kick sets in the evening, I probably wouldn't have gone all out on them. The rest was too small to sprint the set.

6x50 on 1:00
They were supposed to be 25 fast/25 easy of any stroke, but I did three of them back, three of them breast at a steady effort (:39 for back, :42 for breast)

Easy 100

Oh yeah, Ryk Neethling was back for another workout. But I guess he showed up well before 6 a.m., because he was out before our warmup was over.
Tuesday p.m. long course meters

4x150 :15 rest
100 free, 50 non-free

8x75 :20 rest
50 drill, 25 swim

6x15 breakouts on 1:00

4x100 breast kick fast on 3:30
(1:41, 1:41, 1:42, 1:40)

Two rounds:
200 swim easy :30 rest
2x50 on 1:10 -- 25 fly kick on back underwater with Zoomers/25 easy

300 easy

I'm sure you are seeing patterns in the workouts now. I will probably do this workout once more, maybe the Tuesday before I go to the meet in California. The kick set felt better this time because I didn't force the first one and was able to keep the kick count under 34 kicks per 50.

Good thing today was a kick test set, because I am starting a heavier gym workout. My lats and shoulders really felt a lot of pain. I should feel better tomorrow. Lots of water helps. I usually don't resort to ibuprofen, because I want my body to learn to recover on its own.

And lots of sleep. I plan on getting about nine hours tonight.

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