Fast Twitch -- Week 4 (Thursday, April 5)

Thursday a.m. long course meters

400 warmup

150 swim
50 kick
100 pull
50 swim -- 25 fast, 25 easy
50 drill

300 swim
2x50 kick
2x100 pull
2x50 swim (fast/easy)
2x50 drill

450 swim
3x50 kick
3x100 pull
3x50 swim (fast/easy)
50 drill

I swam all the pull sets, mixing in backstroke and freestyle. And since the workout was supposed to be mostly recovery, I did freestyle breathing every 7.

After workout, I did five backstroke starts. I think I'm getting the hang of the new start I've been sporadically working on since last fall. The idea is to be shallower because I'm only doing four dolphin kicks instead of six.
Thursday p.m. long course meters

600 warmup

5x200 free on 3:10
1-3 descend to about 90 percent effort (from 2:55 to 2:35)
4-6 pull aerobic

6x50 breast on 1:15 descend, staying under 20 strokes per 50
(:46, :45, :43, :43, :41, :39)

400 breast kick

6x50 free swim on 1:00
Breathing every 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

200 easy
I've found one drawback to training in a long course pool for a short course meet: Loss of short-axis training. By short-axis training, I mean training for 50s, and the 100 IM as well. Sure, I can do 25s, but doing sprint 50s in a long-course pool don't help you work on building into and out of the turn. Plus, I don't have the opportunity to work on 100 IM transitions. I'd like to do some 100 IM test sets. Maybe some time before nationals, the pool will be changed over to short course.

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