Fast Twitch -- Week 4 (Monday, April 2)

Monday p.m. long course meters

600 warmup

8x100 back on 1:50
Odd: 50 drill/50 swim easy
Even: 100 back descend (1:25, 1:24, 1:22, 1:19)

8x50 fly kick on 1:15
Odd: Kick on back
Even: Kick on stomach

Two rounds:
5x50 on 1:00, 25 fly/25 free
Decrease the amount of breaths on the fly through each round, working to a no-breather on #10

4x100 free with snorkel :20 rest
Today was a Very Special Workout: I shared a lane with Ryk Neethling. It was quite surreal that I was watching him on my computer today anchoring South Africa's medley relay (a race he swam about two days ago) and then he was here in Tucson. (Recap of his swims at worlds: eighth in the 100 free, fourth in both 400 relays) He swam for about a half hour and got out. For the entire time I was thinking of something to say to him. I couldn't ignore him the whole time; it wouldn't be polite. I was going to congratulate him on his swims, but was he happy with eighth place in the 100 free after getting fourth in Athens? So as he grabbed his gear I said:

"So are you getting a head start on next year?"

Then, he mumbled something I think was related to moving permanently to Tucson, and he wanted to get a little warmup before the trip (to South Africa to pick up his things?). He couldn't be going to another swim meet, could he? Besides the Duel in the Pool, who else is putting on a major meet this week?

I went to his Web site but it didn't have any info on upcoming meets. Whatever. It was nice to share the lane. I didn't feel startstruck, though. As much as I admire all the South Africans, I've seen them on deck many times and they strike me as normal people, though the muscle definition is beyond human.

Anyway, a nice comfortable workout. Tomorrow, it's back to hard training!

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