Fast Twitch -- Week 3 (Wednesday, March 28)

Wednesday p.m. long course meters

500 warmup

8x50, two of each stroke :20 rest
#1 kick, #2 swim easy

6x100 :20 rest
#1-4: 15-meter back fast/35 easy/25 back build/25 easy
#5-6: breast

2x100 breast fast on 5:00
(1:14, 1:16)

400 easy

50 back from a push, timed froma watch

250 easy
I was supposed to do 3x100 breast, but I was in so much pain and agony after the second one that I opted out of it. I tried to keep my stroke long, but the pain still came.

I'm never good at sprinting repeats, as you might remember from the past two Wednesdays. Next week starts a new phase in the training, and I'm not sure if I'll continue to do 100s with long rest, or something that I can actually finish.

The 50 back was good, considering I didn't swim straight. I would have broken 29 if I hadn't grazed my right shoulder on the lane line. I think I was using the tops of the racks that lined the side of the pool as guides, and found myself drifting to the right. I should have swum it in another lane. In any case, my backstroke feels good. I'm not worried about failing hard on the breaststroke set.

I have to work Thursday evening, so I'll only do the a.m. workout with Ford.

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