Fast Twitch -- Week 3 (Thursday, March 29)

Thursday a.m. with Ford Masters, long course meters

500 warmup

400 kick (200 dolphin on back, 100 breast no board, 100 flutter on side) on 8:10

200 swim on 3:00 (100 back, 100 free)

100 drill

2x300 free on 4:50 (very, very aerobic...held 1:30)

2x200 kick on 4:10 (200 IM)

2x100 on 1:40 (100 back, 100 free)

2x50 drill on 1:00 (skipped this to catch up to the guys who were using fins on the kick part)

300 free on 4:50

200 kick on 4:10

100 swim on 1:40 (50 back/50 breast, went about 90 percent effort: 1:18)

We were supposed to do a 50 drill then a warmdown, but the coach had to leave right at 7:00, so my warmdown was walking/swimming across the pool from lane 8 to lane 1.

The pain of yesterday's set didn't leave me until we were halfway through the workout. I didn't want to swim any breaststroke today because that hurt the most. Again, my body doesn't respond well to fast breaststroke in workout. But I felt better at the end, which is why I swam the last 100 faster than I initially expected to.

As I said Wednesday night, I'm not swimming tonight because I have to work. I'm going to do a fairly light workout tomorrow, with some short bursts of swimming thrown in. I decided to rest my body a little bit for this weekend's meet, because I'll be doing four events in a span of about three hours and I want to swim them well. Plus, I'm going to race the indominitable Paul Smith, who will help me figure out how to swim my freestyle races and force me to accentuate my turns, given that he's six inches taller than me.

Because I won't have computer access in Phoenix, my next post won't be until Monday. See you then!

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