Fast Twitch -- Week 2 (Wednesday, March 21)

Wednesday p.m. long course meters

600 warmup

4x100 IM descend on 1:45 (descended to 1:17)

2x100 back easy on 1:45

400 free with snorkel

6x15 breakouts on 1:00

100 breast fast, then 100 easy (1:12)
About one minute rest
75 breast fast, then 75 easy (55)
About one minute rest
50 breast fast, 50 breast easy (37)
About one minute rest
25 breast fast, 25 breast easy (16)

I found this set in a 2006 edition of Swimming World. I can't remember which month, but it was in the section where a week's worth of workouts are printed. This particular month had some good speed sets, and this was one of them. I thought it'd be fun to do, but it's not. It hurts, and the recovery isn't enough to be prepared for the next fast swim. But this set is another one that teaches you to swim correctly through the pain, and that's what I was thinking as I went through the set.

I'll be doing this set every two weeks as a way to judge progress. It's one of two or three sets I'll do regularly. Yesterday's kick set of 5x100 will also be repeated.

The first time I did this set was last summer, and the times I did today were the same as the times I did last summer, so I had a lot of confidence, even though I never felt good physically from the moment I dove in this evening.

I finished the workout with:
400 free, breathing every 3 for 100, every 5 for 100

I'm going to skip the mornig workout I planned to go to. Sleeping in will be my recovery. I haven't had a completely fulfilling workout since I started last week, but I'm not worried because there are eight weeks left in this training cycle. I just think my body is going into shock. Last summer my body felt the same way. I just keep thinking of the results from that training.

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