Fast Twitch -- Week 2 (Thursday, March 22)

Thursday p.m. long course meters

600 warmup

10x100 free on 1:40
1-5 breathe every 5
6-10 descend (descended from 1:20 to 1:10)

Not one minute after I finished the set, we had to get out of the pool due to lightning. The protocol is to clear the pool for 20 minutes, so I sat in the office and waited. About six minutes in, another flash of lightning came, which prolonged the wait.

When the time was up we went out to the deck to check for lightning, only to find lots of lightning close by. That meant the rest of workout was canceled.

Here's the rest of what I planned to do:

10x50 breast pull :30 rest

400 breast kick

300 free with snorkel

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