Fast Twitch -- Week 2 (Saturday, March 24)

Remember the 32.4 50m breast I did last week? Turns out I did a 34.4. The coach who timed me corrected me. Good thing. I was getting a big head about my extraordinary swim. I'm glad she told me today. You'll see why after you read today's workout.

Long course meters

600 warmup

8x100 IM on 1:50
1-5 drill
6-8 swim steady

6x15 breakouts on 1:00

4x50 swim IM order fast on 2:00
I did not have a coach timing me on these, so the times you see below are based on the number I saw on the digital clock about a beat after I touched the wall.
(31, 31, 35, 29 = 2:06 200 IM)

200 easy

4x25 free on :45 breathing no more than twice per 25
100 easy

4x25 back on :45 swimming straight (succeeded!)
100 easy

Five-minute break

50 breast fast from a dive
(32.03 timed from a watch and command start)

250 easy
The 4x50 fast felt good, even though I often have a hard time recovering from a fast fly swim. I was especially happy with the back and free legs, because I swam straight on backstroke and I was able to maintain a good kick on freestyle.

As for the 50 from a block: Last summer I did this every other week, and I was always under 32 seconds. The major difference this time was that I was wearing my drag suit, which obviously adds some time. I planned to bring a racing suit (not a suit I'd wear during taper, but one I'd wear at an unshaved meet), and I'll probably put one in my bag always, just in case I feel like reducing drag on more sprint sets.

All in all, this week was a rollercoaster. I spent three days adjusting to long course training, and by Friday I felt better. The pool will continue to be long course at least through all of next week as the team gets ready for USA Swimming nationals.

Are you online looking at results from World Championships? Go to http://omegatiming.com/livetiming/index.htm when the meet is running. We'll be asleep when finals are running, so go to the best swimming Web site, http://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/, for updates. I think the sprint free races will be awesome to follow. Lots of pride on the line.

See ya Monday!

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