Fast Twitch -- Week 2 (Monday, March 19)

Monday p.m. - fly and back

600 warmup*

Two rounds of 5x50 on 1:00, 25 fly/25 free
Each round decreasing the number of breaths on fly down to a no breather on No. 5
Round 1 with Zoomers, round 2 without

300 back kick with Zoomers: 200 relaxed, 100 moderate

10x50back on :55
1-4: slightly slower than 200 pace (:32)
5: easy
6-9: one second faster per 50 than first round
(I held 30s on this round, thinking of steady stroke rate and good kick)

300 fly kick: 200 relaxed, 100 moderate

75 easy

Work on starts:
Three backstroke starts, sprinting to 15 meters
Two butterfly starts, sprinting to 15 meters
(My backstroke start is getting a complete overhaul. The start is too deep. Because of my bad ankles, I'm working on doing four dolphin kicks, as opposed to the six I was doing before. I realized that six kicks weren't helping me after watching video of my backstroke races at worlds. Four seem to be the right amount, if I can keep from going so deep.)

300 easy

* My 600 warmup usually consists of: 150 free/50 back/50 breast/50 free, then some sculling and drilling. Or: 200 free/100 back/50 breast/50 free, then sculling and drilling.

I'm sending in my entry for the AZ state meet in the morning. I usually do a 200 race during the season, just to keep a toe in that world. I was going to do a 200 free, but I remembered how much it hurt last year. The 200 back is much more forgiving to me, so I'll do that in addition to seven other races over two days. Of course, I fear slamming into the lane ropes, because I still have not been able to fix that. If I stay relatively in the middle of the lanes, my goal is to come close to the 1:55.9 I did last year.

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