Fast Twitch -- Week 2 (Friday, March 23)

Friday p.m. long course meters

I only got four hours of sleep Thursday night and was hanging on by a thread by 6:30 p.m. I didn't want a major sprint workout to be affected, so I did the part of the workout I missed last night, with some additions.

600 warmup

400 breast kick

5x100 on 1:50
50 breast/50 free working on long strokes -- 15 breaststroke strokes per 50

4x15 breakouts breast and free

10x50 breast pull with Zoomers on 1:05

300 free swim with snorkel and Zoomers

3x100 free on 1:45 breathe every 5

100 easy
For the 10x50 breast pull set, it helps to use fins of some type to help your momentum (and give your core a hard workout). You should only do one kick per stroke cycle. Doing more than one kick is cheating. This helps with stroke efficiency.

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