Fast Twitch -- Week 1 (Tuesday, March 13)

Morning workout:
600 warmup

3x(3x100) on 1:40
Round 1: 75 stroke A, 25 stroke B
Round 2: 50 stroke A, 50 stroke B
Round 3: 25 stroke A, 75 stroke B
Did round 1 fly/back, round 2 back/breast, round 3 breast/free and descended each round

4x100 breast kick on 1:50, no board
2x(4x50) flutter kick with Zoomers on :50
2x(4x25) fly kick with Zoomers on :30
All done at about 90 percent effort

3x(3x50) on :55
It was supposed to be done similar to the first set, but I did it all 25 stroke A, 25 stroke B, working on transitions

50 easy

4x50 back with Zoomers on :50
I swam straight for the entire set, so my kick is the problem. However, having Zoomers on is very tiring and affects my stroke, so I won't do it all the time.

I had to work late tonight, so I will do tonight's speed kick set on Thursday night, which was originally to be somewhat of a recovery workout.

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