Fast Twitch -- Week 1 (Thursday, March 15)

Thursday a.m.
I slept through the alarm this morning and was almost 30 minutes late for workout.

Main set:
300 swim on 4:00 (missed this)
3x100 kick on 1:55 (missed this)
6x50 pull on :55 (swam this as warmup)

300 kick on 6:00
3x100 pull on 1:30 (I swam 50 back/50 free)
6x50 swim on :55 (I did 25 back/25 breast)

300 pull on 4:00 (I swam this)
3x100 swim on 1:30 (backstroke)
6x50 kick on 1:00

To make up for the part of the workout I missed, I did:
300 free pull on 4:00
3x100 back swim on 1:30

50 easy

The whole workout was aerobic, partly to recover from last night's kick set.
Thursday p.m., long course meters
500 warmup

12x50, three of each stroke :20 rest
#1 drill, #2 kick, #3 swim

6x100 on 2:00
15-meter sprint/35 easy/25 build/25 easy
1,2,4,6 free; 3,4 breast

3x100 free fast on 4:00
(1:00, 1:01, 1:06)

300 easy

My legs were extremely sore from the kick workout, which explains the last 100.
I was supposed to do 2x100 breast on 3:00, but I was certain I would drown. So I did:

50 breast fast from a push
(32.4) Colleen Kelley, the evening coach, timed me when my feet left the wall. This is the fastest I've gone in a workout swim in a very long time. The reason I did this despite the pain was to work on swimming through the last 15 meters of a 100 breast. Sets like this are very mental. You have to talk yourself through the last 10 strokes and accelerate to the wall. My stroke fell apart but my speed didn't.

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