Fast Twitch -- Week 1 (Saturday, March 17)

Swam at 11 a.m. A lot of sun.

1-5 free on 1:30
6-10 25 scull/50 drill/25 swim on 1:45

100 free on 1:30 aerobic
50 breast on :50 holding :34
100 free on 1:30 aerobic
50 breast on :50 holdint :33 (I felt I glided too much on the first 50, so I glided less and went :32)
100 easy

Rack work:*
4x25 back
100 easy
4x25 breast swimming with the rack (I didn't do a pullout, but I went :11 on #1 and 12s on the rest)
100 easy

Three times through the following:
50 breast from a dive, with 10 seconds rest after the first 25
50 easy
*If you don't know what a rack is, it looks like this. You put water in the buckets equal to the amount of opposing weight you want to use. Usually I fill the bucket about two-thirds full.

On the last set, I didn't have anyone timing me, so I don't know what my first 25 on each one was (I started myself). But the second 25 on all three were in the 14-second range.

I need the day off tomorrow. See ya Monday!

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