Fast Twitch -- Week 1 (Monday, March 12)

Uncork the champagne! We're off and running on 10 weeks of heavy-duty sprint training!

I taught a lesson during part of my workout time tonight, so I wasn't able to do the entire workout. I'm doing doubles tomorrow, so I might try to fit in what I missed after the morning workout. But, I do want to save some energy for the tough evening workout.

Today's workout: fly and back

600 warmup

8x100 back on 1:40
Odds: 50 drill, 50 build
Even: 100 swim descend

8x50 fly on 1:00
Odd: 3 left, 3 right, 3 regular
Even: two breaths per 50

5x100 on 1:40
50 fly build, 50 back build

8x50 on 1:00 fly with zoomers

100 easy
I made it through the 8x100 back, descending to 1:04, which is about 85 percent effort. Instead of trying to go all out, I worked on swimming straight, which has been a major problem for me since I moved to Arizona and started swimming outdoors two years ago. I'll swim one length perfectly in the middle of the lane, then crash into the lane line the next length.
This Web site offered up some good ideas, and I have tried those. But I think my problem is unique. I have a severe scissors kick in my backstroke, a holdover from years of breaststroke and bad ankles. I've done fine otherwise, but I am going to do a lot of backstroke sets with Zoomers to see if that helps. If it doesn't, at least my legs got a little stronger.

I also swam a meet in Tempe yesterday, so I'm a little sore. I was shocked that I swam a best unshaved 100 IM (52..76), given that the first half of all my races felt like I was doing a 200, when I was actually doing 100s. (And the fact that I swam five events in two hours.) So I learned that I sorely need to work on sprinting!

As I said above, tomorrow is a double workout, as all Tuesdays and Thursdays will be, barring any work obligations. I'll do an IM workout with Ford Masters in the morning, then a tough kicking workout in the evening.

That means I need to get my rest. See you tomorrow!

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