Fast Twitch -- Week 1 (Friday, March 16)

Friday p.m. (back to short course yards)

600 warmup

Three rounds of:
4x50 breast on 1:00, descending to :35
4x100 free on 1:30 with snorkel

500 kick, alternating 50 breast kick underwater, 50 free kick on sides

100 easy

Obviously, this was a recovery workout. After yesterday, I needed it.

On the main set, my mind wandered often. Before workout I saw results of part of Friday's NCAA finals, and I was delighted to see UA's Albert Subriats swim the fastest 100-yard fly in history (44.57), then come back about an hour later and win the 100 back with the second-fastest swim ever (44.89).

I thought of how excited Albert must have been to have this double win, but also to put himself at the top of the UA eschelon, which is crowded with some pretty big names (Schoeman, Neethling, Carvin, Ferns, Pepper, Burnett).

Also, Mike Alexandrov swam the fastest 100-yard breast ever, breaking Jeremy Linn's 10-year old record with a 51.56). Wow. When I was swimming in the NCAAs, we wondered who would be the second person after Steve Lundquist to break the 53-second barrier. It didn't happen until 1996, the year after my senior year.

I tried to imagine the fast swims. It was impossible. I felt a vicarious rush of excitement, and the 50s breast I did were a little faster than they should have been. I descended the last two rounds down to 33.

I've seen the UA men and women do some pretty intense sprint sets. I'll admit that my sets are not as hard as stuff they have done, but then again I'm not in my 20s anymore.

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