Polar Bear Meet Notes

The weather looks like it is shaping up to be a beautiful day on Sunday. The forecast calls for sunny skies with temperatures in the low 70's. Keep in mind that it will start out much cooler than this in the shade on the south side of the pool. There will be no food for sale but coolers of Hydroboom will be located at various places around the deck. Please bring your own snacks.

Warm up will begin at 9:00am. You MUST check-in for the 1000 & 1650 freestyle events by 9:30am in the pool lobby (check-in not required for other events). Those of you who did not submit a copy of your 2007 USMS membership card with your entry form are asked to show your card upon arrival in the pool lobby. Warm up lanes will be available on the east end of the pool once the meet starts at 10:00am. The diving well will not be available at any time.

The meet heat sheet is now available online at our Ford Aquatics website (events 1 & 2 will be deck seeded). A heat by heat time line is also included as a general guideline. Please understand that we will not wait for the timeline if the meet is running ahead of schedule. Hard copies of the heat sheet will be available in the pool lobby on Sunday.

200 yard relays will be swum at the end of the meet. Relay cards will be available in the pool lobby and at the announcers stand. Relay cards must be submitted to the announcer's stand by the conclusion of event #14 the 100y back. There is no charge for relays. If all goes well the meet should be over by 2:30pm.

All Polar Bear swimmers and officials are invited to join Ford Aquatics Masters immediately after the meet at Mama's Famous Pizza for a pre Super Bowl party. The pizza is our treat, the drinks are up to you. Mama's Famous Pizza is located at 4500 E. Speedway Blvd. in the Midway Business Park. Click here for directions from the pool.

See You Soon!

Jim Stites
Meet Director
Polar Bear Classic XVII

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