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Camilla Johansson Sponseller is starting a program to help adults become better swimmers. As many of you know, her list of accolades in swimming is long and distinguished. However, many of you may not know that Camilla is also a patient and skilled instructor with a passion for teaching others how to swim better. Her career and life have been focused on improving people's lives through fitness, particularly swimming.

Many of us either know somebody who wants to improve as a swimmer or who needs help improving the basics. Now there is a program that addresses those needs. Here is some more information regarding the program:

There are 4 different levels that you can sign up for:

Level 1: This is for complete beginners. You will learn about water saftety, learn to float, tread water, and very elementary freestyle.

Level 2: This is for someone who is comfortable in the water but would like to learn the basics of Freestyle but have little experience of actual swimming. This is a good place for someone who is new to triathlon to start.

Level 3: This is for individuals that know basic freestyle or are beinning to learn basic Freestyle. You will learn everything from kick and pull to turns and dives. If you have a little experience in swimming this is the class for you. In this class you will also learn about swiming in a group setting and swim etiquette.

Level 4: This is for someone who is fairly proficient in Freestyle and wants to get more in depth instruction to improve their technique. At this leavel you will learn to swim all strokes and you will learn about swim lingo, swim etiquette and how to swim in a group setting.

All sessions are 60 minutes long.

Currently we are planning on starting out at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center on Tuesday and Thursdays at 6-7 PM and at the Student Recreation Center (SRC) (both at ASU) on Saturdays 10-11 am. First day of classes will be in the beginning of each month. We currently have open slots for March.

Please email Camilla
if you have any additional questions about this program.

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