Wife, Mother, and World Champion

Sun Devil Masters Coach and swimmer Camilla Johannsenn-Sponseller has been on a roll lately. She was a record-setting swimmer at ASU during her college days and represented her native Sweden in the Olympics. Since college, she has continued to swim well and has maintained her position as one of the top swimmers in her age bracket.

Besides swimming, Camilla recently got married and had her first child last October. Needless to say, she has been busy with life and not trained as much as in years past. That has not affected her swimming performance though...

At the recent FINA World Masters Championships, Camilla won the Women's 30-34 100M Backstroke (1:08.29)! What is even more incredible is this came just two weeks after she got back from visiting her family in Sweden.

She admits to swimming *only* four times a week during that vacation.

By the way, she placed second in the 50M backstroke (32.60).


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