Stroke Clinics

This year, Sun Devil Masters will host a series of clinics for swimmers who wish to improve their strokes. Clinic Coordinator is Simon Percy and the Coach Presentor is Ron Johnson.

All five clinics will be conducted at the ASU Student Recreational Center pool. The event will have both classroom and pool sessions, the entire clinic will last around five hours. Participants will all receive an underwater video tape of yourself included in the cost of the clinic. The clinics are limited to 40 participants, so if you are interested contact make sure you sign-up early.

Stroke Clinic Dates:

Freestyle - April 15, 2006
Open Water Swimming - April 22, 2006
Backstroke - May 27, 2006
Breaststroke - June 24, 2006
Butterfly - September 16, 2006

As many of you know, Ron Johnson is a legend of Masters and World Swimming. He has coached 14 Olympic Medallists and 29 Olympic Finalists. During his tenure as ASU Head Coach he was the NCAA Coach of the Year and coached countless NCAA finalists and All Americans. As a Masters coach he has been the USMS Coach of the Year and holds numerous USMS World Records. His 50 years of coaching experience make him one of the most experienced coaches alive. His enduring passion for the sport makes him one of the best-informed and best clinician’s around.

If you have any questions, please call 602-224-4845 or email Simon Percy.

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