Check-off Challenge

The following is information on the annual check-off challenge, which is a postal meet where you check-off the events that you have swum. Here is the announcement from the event coordinators:

USMS Coaches and Swimmers,

Federal Way Kings Masters Swimmers are excited to sponsor the 2006 Check-off Challenge with a Latin theme of "Veni, Vidi, Swimi - I came, I saw, I swam it all." We invite all workout groups to integrate the Check-off Challenge into your goals and workout plans. Don't forget that you still have until the end of 2005 to complete the 2005 challenge of Mission IM Possible. If you haven't purchased your 2005 shirt yet, you can get a discount when you order your 2006 shirt.


Wendy Neely
Coach, Federal Way Kings

Hugh Moore
President, Federal Way Kings

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